Graham F R Dean CPA

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Graham Dean

Deano & Guitar

Sgt. Deano

(This is the FUN side of Deano—if you want the serious side—CPA & all that … click here! )

He’s got it all covered! Deano’s wide range of musical & entertaining experience enables a wide range of different evenings & shows with 100% commitment to ensuring each one a success.

Deano’s Variety Of Shows/Styles 2

For Bookings & enquiries email us:  deano@gfrdean.com

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Wide range of music styles to suit a typical club evening for listening whilst dining or all ages dancing. Whatever the audience want or request, Deano’s wide  music experience will ensure he’ll play something for every age group

Deano’s Club Show


Deano with Guitar

One of Deano’s great loves is to simply sit in a corner and play & sing quiet cabaret style music mixed with a bit of swing & blues & maybe even some folk songs of old—a bit o’ this an’ a bit o’ that, All in various light rock, smooth latin & jazz cabaret feels.

Deano’s Smooth Music— Swing Jazz, a bit o’ blues, A bit of this & that


Club night

Yet he can still mix it up in the pubs & clubs with raunchy hard rock & roll thru to current radio hits

Deano’s Pub & Club Rock


Deano with rock guitarText Box: He’s a rock n roll dancer & teacher too. Deano grew up with the times and knows the music intimately.  Because he dances rock n roll himself he knows just the right tempo’s and rhythms for dancing to authentic music of the era.
Text Box: Deano’s 50’s & 60’s Rock n’ Roll Nights


For Bookings & enquiries email us:  deano@gfrdean.com