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(This is the FUN side of Deano—if you want the serious side—CPA & all that … click here! )

Deano’s Musical Entertainments HOME-page

G'day!    Welcome to Deano's Musical Entertainment Website!

This is where I get to show off my experience & talents a little.

For those that don't know me, I’m Graham Dean, they call me Deano, entertainer, musician, bandleader, guitarist, vocalist, actor, compare, MC, show-off & professional fool, back on the Gold Coast (July 2006) after a few years on Beautiful Norfolk Island as General Manager, Accountant & madcap entertainer of the largest and best (of course) tour & entertainment company on the Island, Pinetree Tours. - (oh add accountant & manager to that list too).

I've come back to the Gold Coast for family business reasons so while I'm here, I'm involved in (and am available for) management & accounting consulting assignments and I'm bulldozing my way right back into the music, dancing & entertainment scenes.

So let's get to it!  Fun Fun Fun!

Browse around the site at your leisure to see what's been happening in my world at the moment, over the years and wot's on the horizon.

For the information of the nerds amongst you, I personally designed and programmed this complete web-site myself, and can do similar for any of my clients. I'll keep updating it as I go

Oh yes, there's a section on my business consultancy so my clients can feel comfortable with what I'm doing, where I’ve been, what I've done & what I'm capable of doing for your business. (click on Graham F R Dean CPA—it’s got my business CV & history in it)

There's a bit on my music & entertainment Solo Shows and Associated Acts that I perform with.. Check my Musical Biography The gig guide has only got a few items so far, but it's getting there—gradually building up .... Hey!  I only just got back - gimme a break! We'll soon have the card full.

There's a section on my interest in Ballroom Dancing, Modern, Latin & Rock n Roll, because my dancing experience naturally enough influences the music that I play. Musicians who can dance are a rare breed. I guess that's one of my professional strengths.  I can tailor music quite specifically to a dance venue's requirements because I know most dance steps and I can actually dance them.

Thanks for visiting ……  Cya round.........Deano.

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